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8 January 24, 2016 Monday Jan 25th. All classes, and aptitude test cancelled.
Monday Jan 25th. All day and night classes as well as aptitude tests are cancelled. Please call the JATC admin offices on Wednesday to reschedule your aptitude tests.
9 January 20, 2016 Evening Classes, for 1/20/2016
Evening classes are cancelled for 1/20/2016 at the North Point location only due to the inclement weather.
Tuesday, March 3, 2015 the classes held in Lanham, MD are cancelled for this evening. The locations in Manassas, VA and North Point in Charles County are being held as scheduled.
11 February 18, 2015 ONLY ~Charles Co., North Point cancelled for this evening~
Wednesday, February 18, 2015 ~Charles County, North Point~ evening classes cancelled for this evening. Lanham and Manassas are scheduled as usual.
12 February 17, 2015 Lanham and Manassas locations are OPEN for NIGHT Classes. North Point Classes are cancelled.
Lanham and Manassas locations OPEN for NIGHT Classes. North Point Classes are cancelled.
13 February 16, 2015 Manassas night classes cancelled 2/16/2015
Due to Inclement weather arriving earlier than predicted, night classes at the Manassas Training facility are cancelled for Monday night, February 16, 2016

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