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26 August 09, 2012 U.S. Secretary of Labor Honors JATC 26 as a Trailblazer!
JATC 26 selected by Secretary of Labor for prestigious award
27 March 01, 2012 Congratulations to Asst. Director Ralph Neidert on 30 years!!
Ralph Neidert, Assistant Director for the JATC received his 30 year pin on February 29th.
28 February 01, 2012 North Point HS Goes Green With Help From JATC 26!
A long standing partnership continues to grow with the JATC's donation of a PV array ro North Point HS.
29 December 12, 2011 Young Marines meet in Manassas
Manassas JATC Instructor Chris Cash, Hosts Youth Group Designed to Strengthen the Lives of Young People.
30 September 22, 2011 Instructor kevin Burton Speaks out in Vancouver
Take a listen to Kevin Burton as she is interviewed at the 38th International IBEW Convention
31 September 07, 2011 9/7/11 North Point Night Classes in Waldorf Cancelled
North Point Night Classes in Waldorf Cancelled. Classes in Lanham and Manassas will be held as scheduled

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