Training for Our Future

Published on February 04, 2010

With the support of the JATC director David McCord, The staff of the JATC 26 is actively developing its first online elective course. Special Projects Coordinator Sean Myers, Assistant Director Ralph Neidert, and Full-time instructor Kevin Burton are currently creating the content that will become a new course tentatively titled "NEC II". This course will be aimed at preparing upper level apprentices and journeymen alike for local, jurisdictional licensing exams.

After aggresively researching web based instruction, an
open source software program named "Sakai" was chosen to act as the platform for this exciting new venture. Sakai is a free software that provides an empty framework into which user content can be placed. This software was developed by various Universities world wide including Stanford University. When users make improvements to the source code, those improvements are sent back to the project and made available to the public at no cost.

The NEC II course will feature written components to compliment the associated text book, review questions and practice tests, as well as videos, and audio podcasts that can be automatically downloaded to any mp3 player with a subscription, or opened via your computer. (both are free)

(Screen shot of the BETA version of the new Sakai Platform NEC II class)

(Screen shot of the BETA version of the new Sakai Platform NEC II class)

We are especially excited about the live, long distance tutoring component that has been developed and is ready for use. It features two-way audio and video, as well as power point and free hand (white board) presentation modes.

(Screen shot of the BETA version of the new Long Distance Tutoring Platform)

If all goes well, NEC II will be online and live in the 2010 Fall semester. Follow us on twitter for immediate updates on this and other JATC 26 news.