New On-The-Job Training Assignment Rules

Published on January 04, 2010

Effective immediately the JATC will be implementing new training assignment rules. Information, which contains a complete copy of the Training Assignment Rules and an introductory letter, is being mailed out to all Residential Trainees. Each Trainee that is currently not assigned to an employer has been issued a number. To maintain that number each Trainee is required to come into one of the On-The-Job Training Assignment offices prior to the 25th of January on their pre-assigned date included in the information packet,  and the 25th of each successive month until they are placed in a training assignment. Failure to sign the Available for Training list by the 25th of each month will remove you from the list until you resign. The copies of the rules and introductory letter have been mailed to the address on file with the JATC. If you do not receive your information check with the JATC to make sure that your address is current.