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7/31/12 - 5:17 PM
It has been a week since the letters were mailed out but i have not got mine yet. Should i call the office ?
8/1/12 - 9:37 AM
Ralph Neidert
The last letter was mailed yesterday.
8/2/12 - 6:17 AM
What to do after getting the rejection letter?? What should I do to solidify my chances for being accepted next year? I'm currently working, have taken electricians classes at CSM. What else can I do to help? Thanks
8/2/12 - 8:21 AM
Ralph Neidert
Continue doing what you are doing. Go to work every day, on time, and request a 2nd interview for the class that begins in 2013. You can also contact Mr. Rhett Roe at the JATC and request to be included in Residential classes.

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