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7/28/12 - 4:46 PM
Well I didnt get a letter yet,.I did however received a Residential Trainee post card to sighn up for classes. Does this mean I am not in the Apprenticeship?
7/30/12 - 7:20 AM
Ralph Neidert
No. You will receive a letter from the JATC about your apprenticeship status.
7/30/12 - 8:08 AM
Thank you. Have all the letters been sentof the or only some ?
7/30/12 - 8:21 AM
Ralph Neidert
The last of the letters is going out today.
7/30/12 - 5:29 PM
So some of the letters were mailed last week and the rest were mailed today? Is there a difference in the separation of the mailings, like one batch is rejection letters and the other batch is acceptance letters? I'm wondering because I haven't received a letter yet.
7/31/12 - 8:29 AM
Ralph Neidert
There is no difference. We mail a lot of letters and it takes time.

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