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7/3/12 - 7:21 PM
I am currently working as a R1. If I get into the apprenticeship, will the hours I have worked in the R Program carry over?
7/5/12 - 6:26 AM
Ralph Neidert
The R1 hours will not count towards the 8000 hours required during your apprenticeship.
7/7/12 - 1:07 PM
Are hours worked through the telecom division for cable pullers transferred over?
7/9/12 - 6:52 AM
Ralph Neidert
If you are asking if the hours worked transfer over to the electrical apprenticeship program, the answer is "maybe". Some hours maybe transferrable, as in they may credit you with hours and start you at a slightly higher pay scale. Each case is looked at individually.
7/9/12 - 5:52 PM
does that apply to the hours worked as an R worker in the electrical trade as well. the slightly higher pay scale thing.
7/10/12 - 12:16 PM
Ralph Neidert
yes, sometimes. It is reviewed on a case by case basis.

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