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How do I find out if I rate the paid holidays?

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6/28/12 - 8:59 PM
Hi Ralph,

I was wondering if you could answer a question for me that seems to be stumping people I work with. I filled out the paperwork for the apprentice license for VA,DC, and MD during the orientation in April (I don't start school until September, I was part of the early endentures) and have recently recieved them in the mail. Do I turn those in to recieve the paid holidays, and if so who do I turn them in to? I recieved a letter from the company I work for stating that if I had the DC Apprentice License that I qualified for them. Just wanna clarify before I lose out on money.

Thank you sir, and have a great day.

6/29/12 - 7:02 AM
Ralph Neidert
Apprentices, periods 2 through 6, are eligible for holiday pay if they hold a District of Columbia Apprentice license. Apprentices must provide a copy of the license to the employer prior to the holiday to be eligible for paid holidays.

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