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6/4/12 - 9:39 AM
T. Applicant
Any word on if the results went out for the people who took the test on May 21st?
6/4/12 - 3:06 PM
Ralph Neidert
not yet.
6/15/12 - 2:50 AM
I just got a mail which came up with bad news saying I did not receive a qualifying NJATC test score and I will not able to take in six months time. I was wondering to know when is the next test schedule so that i will be able to prepare better for the retest.
6/15/12 - 6:53 AM
Ralph Neidert
we offer the test on a regular basis. You are eligible to retake the test 6 months after the last date that you tested.
6/15/12 - 9:50 AM
Thank you for your response.What study material would you recommend for the test? other than the sample question which is given during registration.
6/18/12 - 6:29 AM
Ralph Neidert
The test is based on Algebra I and reading.

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