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5/3/12 - 1:13 PM
What should an apprentice do when a journeyman asks to use your tools constantly?

What about when they get mad because you don't have a certain tool that they want to borrow but it's not on your list to buy for that "level" of apprenticeship?

I mean, I have to use what money I have to buy my tools but this is the man that is "journeyman status" and does'nt even have his own, let alone getting mad if I don't.
5/3/12 - 1:34 PM
Ralph Neidert
I do not loan my tools to othert people. It is fairly common practice for electricvians to carry tools that aren't on the tool list, such as nut drivers, and sockets, but they are not required they just make your job easier.
When you say that the journeyman gets mad, what exactly do you mean? He is required to have his own tools.
5/3/12 - 1:42 PM
Just grunts and seems frustrated. Says I'm unprepaired, which is obviously his way of trying to flip it around. If I'm out of the program for this guy because he can't keep himself prepared or because I don't have what's on the list for my level that's screwed up.
5/3/12 - 3:39 PM
Ralph Neidert
This is not the place to get into personal issues. I suggest you contact me directly at [email protected] or stop by and see me at my office in Lanham.

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