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3/9/12 - 4:51 PM
How is the acceptance rate looking like this year and what does it depend on? Can I call and ask about my application status?

3/19/12 - 6:35 AM
Ralph Neidert
You can call and ask if your application is complete. Final selections for this year's class won't be made until late July.
3/30/12 - 2:41 PM
mr.neidert do local 26 have lineman apprentice???because dats the position i want to apply for.it doesnt say on the website.thanxs
4/5/12 - 7:55 AM
Ralph Neidert
Local 26 is an Inside program. Linemen are considered "Outside Wiremen". We do not have linemen apprentices. Check with Local 70 at (301) 516-7730.

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