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2/13/12 - 11:29 PM
Chris F.
Hello, my interview to the Inside Wireman Apprenticeship is next week, I have passed the test already. My question is regarding the R1 program, I was signed up for it and was told I have to sign the book a month from the day I joined once every month. Well this be detrimental to my apprenticeship status if I don't sign it? Thanks for your help
2/14/12 - 6:46 AM
Ralph Neidert
If you don't sign it you can't go to work as a residential trainee. Working in the residential classification is not a mandatory step, but having some electrical field experience is never a bad thing when you are at the interview table.
2/16/12 - 4:14 AM
Chris F.
Ah I see, the thing is my interview date is next week and everyday I call there is either no jobs for r1 or my number doesn't get pulled. Thanks for the response !

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