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Opinions about which of the 5 books of the apprenticeship is/was the most challenging for you.

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11/17/09 - 7:09 AM
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I thought I'd start it off by asking which of the five books in the apprenticeship is the most challenging? For me it was Book 4.... Motor controls did not come naturally to me. What does everybody think? I'd be especially interested in the opinions of folks who did thier apprenticeship in the old night school format.

12/20/09 - 11:41 AM
For me, the most difficult book was Book 3. Transformers on paper just didn't make any sense to me. The hands-on class was a great starter, but the illustrations and concepts of Deltas and Wyes were really hard for me to wrap my head around. Not to mention the Semi-Conductors portion... whew what a doozy!
1/9/10 - 6:21 PM
Well I am just in the beginning of book 3 but so far the OSHA part of the book 3 has been the most challenging for me, not because of the difficulty level but more so I find it less interesting than formulas and theory.

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