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11/19/11 - 10:24 AM
i wanted to know when the 2000 hour probational period starts for first year apprentices. does it start the first day of school or the day you became an apprentice.
11/21/11 - 7:30 AM
Ralph Neidert
It begins the day you become an apprentice.
11/22/11 - 8:08 PM
what happens if you fall short of your hours
11/23/11 - 6:39 AM
Ralph Neidert
If you are short hours, through no fault of your own, your raise will be delayed until you get the required number of hours.
11/23/11 - 7:06 PM
i took a vacation over the summer and i didnt know that the holidays took time away. so if i add up the holidays and the week off i wont make my hours. whats the worst case senario?
11/28/11 - 6:39 AM
Ralph Neidert
worst case, you will receive your raise late.

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