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Will class certificates help me get a higher classification?

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10/15/11 - 12:58 PM
I have been working as an R1 since July, I took 2 years of Electric Construction and Engineering vocational classes in high school. I'm going to apply for A program next week, and wanted to know if I present my certificates of those said classes, I can get a higher classification. If so who do I talk to and do I need an appointment?

Thanks in advance.
10/17/11 - 7:10 AM
Ralph Neidert
You should definately bring those documents when you apply. Talk to Mr. Roe when you come by the Lanham office.
11/1/11 - 5:13 PM
Are there any class or classes available that would help my experience? I'm currently an R1 and I was told that getting a class or few under my belt before my second interview would improve my chances of getting accepted as I was turn down due to lack of experience. If so, when do they start?
11/2/11 - 6:49 AM
Ralph Neidert
Contact Mr. Roe at 301-429-2575 and tell him that you would like to be enrolled in training.
12/6/11 - 4:44 PM
Ok, so I received this letter a few days ago stating that I'm eligible to attend boot camp. My question is, what exactly do they teach in boot camp? The letter said technical mathematics/ boot camp. Do they teach only math? How long will the boot camp be?
12/7/11 - 6:52 AM
Ralph Neidert
Boot Camp is 14 weeks long. They teach math and basic electrical, to help you get started in your career.
12/7/11 - 10:25 AM
In order to be eligible for bootcamp, do you have to be an established R1 worker? I.e. already in the field. Is there any one who knows how long the wait to go out is if I sign the books today?
12/7/11 - 11:31 AM
Ralph Neidert
To be eligible for classes you must already be active in our system, meaning you must have already been placed with an employer. There is no way to predict how long it will take to be placed with an employer, since I have no way of predicting how many request we will receive in the future. Make sure you maintain your place on the list by re-signing the list by the 25th of each month.
12/28/11 - 3:35 PM
So I received a letter for the mathematics training assignment bootcamp and on the letter there is a number that I am suppose to call to confirm it. The thing is whenever I call all I keep getting is voicemail. No one seems to be answering no matter the time of day I call. Any suggestions here? Or is leaving a message the procedure?
1/3/12 - 6:40 AM
Ralph Neidert
Call 301-429-2575, between 7:30 and 4:00, and ask for Lori.

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