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Questions concerning joining Residential Trainees. (R1)

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10/27/11 - 11:34 AM
Ralph Neidert
When an employer requests someone they ask for an R1 or R2, or an R3 or R4, etc.
If you are an R1 you can be assigned to an employer anytime they ask for an R1 or an R2.
2/21/12 - 5:39 PM
Brian M.
My son has filled out the application and received a letter for a test March 5. I'm a little confused about the R program. If he decides to participate in the R program, he will not know day to day if he has a job? Plus, he'd have to drive to Lanham everyday to try a get an assignment? He has a job now where he gets 30-40 hrs a week and has bills to pay, so he'd like steady work. He is excited about learning the trade but can't give up a steady paycheck. Thanks for your help.
2/21/12 - 7:11 PM
Ralph Neidert
Your son should have received a number for the R program. He does not need to drive to Lanham every day, he simply needs to call the job number every night after 4:00 to see if his number is in the top 10. All of this is explained in the information packet that we gave him. Once he is assigned to an employer he will work 40 hours per week, maybe more.
2/23/12 - 4:17 PM
I am working R1 more than six month (more than 1000 hrs),when will my classification be upgrade to R2.
2/23/12 - 7:15 PM
Brian M.
Thanks Ralph, he actually goes March 5 for the aptitude test, so he hasn't gotten through that far yet. I was just trying to understand how it worked. I'm in IUEC Local #10 and we don't have different classifications, just apprentice. Thanks again for your help.
2/24/12 - 6:55 AM
Ralph Neidert
ns, call 301-429-2575 and ask them to look into it. If you have 1000 hours you should have received your increase to R2.
3/1/12 - 10:43 PM
If you get laid off from your a company for a month. Then started working with them again will you have to go 3 more months for benefits to kick in or does it just continue from where you lefty off?
3/2/12 - 6:33 AM
Ralph Neidert
That's a difficult question to answer because I don't know how long you were working for them prior to being laid off. The best answer that I can give you is to call the Health & Welfare office at 301-731-1050 with any questions related to medical insurance.

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