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when will i get my 4th yr pay?

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7/18/11 - 8:35 PM
I am currently a 3rd year apprentice and after the summer I will be starting night classes. When we I see the raise from 3rd to 4th yr.
7/19/11 - 6:23 AM
Ralph Neidert
Raises are due on the 3rd Monday in August.
8/24/11 - 8:35 PM
How many hours are needed to recive the next pay grade?
8/25/11 - 2:41 PM
Ralph Neidert
That depends on what your current classification is. Are you an apprentice or residential trainee?
9/1/11 - 3:43 PM
3rd year now, and I was almost positive I had enough hours to get my next pay grade, but I havent seen anything yet.
9/1/11 - 6:22 PM
Ralph Neidert
This really isn't the place to discuss individual raises. Call me at 301-429-2564. If I don't answer leave me the pertinent details and I will get back to you.

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