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7/8/11 - 9:23 PM
When does the apprenticeship officially start? I scheduled vacation for the week of August 28th-September 4th and I was wondering if I would be able to take it. Does going on vacation affect my OJT status and my apprenticeship status?
7/12/11 - 7:01 AM
Ralph Neidert
The apprenticeship classes will begin with Phase 2 Orientation in August, then depending on which class you are assigned to, classes will begin in late August or early September. There is not a problem taking vacation time from work if you notify your employer in advance, however missing a scheduled school day will count as an absence.
7/12/11 - 3:09 PM
Not planning on missing one day. Came too far to mess up on the early stages of my apprenticeship. Will I know in advance what day classes will begin?
7/12/11 - 3:27 PM
Ralph Neidert
Contact Richard Murphy directly at [email protected] He will be able to assist you with scheduling around your vacation.

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