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7/6/11 - 3:20 PM
i recieved a letter ther other day about the mandatory bootcamp and it says to call to let them know if i would like to take it online or in house. i called a couple of times and the person never answers the phone. i left a message saying i want to do it online is that sufficient enough or do i need to talk to the person.
7/7/11 - 6:37 AM
Ralph Neidert
Did you call during normal business hours? I would recommend calling between the hours of 8:00 and 3:00 to be sure they got the response.
7/7/11 - 6:38 PM
i called around 3 and left a message with my phone number. the outgoing message says she is there till 4 and i called a few times after i got home from work before i left the message. its hard to call from work. i will try again tomorrow but the class is on this coming monday what can i do if i cant get ahold of anyone?
7/8/11 - 7:31 AM
Ralph Neidert
Regardless of whether you take the online class or in-house class you need to be here Monday at 5:00 to get your books.
7/11/11 - 2:11 PM
what is the bootcamp program? and what will we learn?
7/12/11 - 6:50 AM
Ralph Neidert
The "Boot Camp" program is designed to get a new apprentice up and running. You will learn basic tool and material identification, basic circuitry, safety, an overview of the electrical system, etc.

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