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7/1/11 - 4:24 PM
J. Stickles
Hello everyone! I am a recent high school graduate who has one semester of college under his belt. I was majoring in electrical engineering but I'm finding traditional four-year college to be too slow-paced; I really want to be hands-on and dive right into the electrical field of work. I've been studying electricity and electronics on my own for about a month now and really am considering trying to become an apprentice. So my question is this: how strongly would you reccomend an apprenticeship over four years of college? I'm pretty hands-on and like learning on the job, so I'm wondering if JATC is the right place for me.

7/5/11 - 6:36 AM
Ralph Neidert
It is too late to apply for this year's apprenticeship class, so you have time to decide. I would recommend signing up for the Residential program and going to work. After a month or two you should be able to make an informed decision.

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