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Can one start apprenticeship in a higher pay grade?

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6/23/11 - 8:31 AM
I read on the DPOR website that one can take take the journeyman exam if you have a bachelors degree in engineering and 1 year of experience.

If one is accepted into the apprenticeship for inside wireman and you are able to become a journeyman will this allow one to get a pay increase and or finsih the apprenticeship sooner than 5 years?
6/23/11 - 8:52 AM
Ralph Neidert
If you apply for and are accepted into the apprenticeship program it is a 5 year apprenticeship with no advanced placement. If you are interested in taking the journeyman's exam you should contact Local 26 at 301-459-2900 and ask to speak with an organizer.
7/27/11 - 6:40 PM
I dont suppose they taught you to bend conduit in engineering school?

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