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7/22/11 - 4:06 PM
A few people did. I saw some posts with them saying the got accepted and that they were invited to orientation.
8/3/11 - 10:31 AM
Can i still hope to be accepted at this point in time?
8/4/11 - 5:20 PM
Ralph Neidert
You can hope until you hear otherwise.
8/5/11 - 12:56 PM
Has anyone received any acceptance letters as of yet? Im still waiting.
12/3/11 - 5:21 PM
I have completed the aptitude test in 11-17-11, when I expect to reach a result, mail
12/6/11 - 7:10 AM
Ralph Neidert
You should receive your results soon. If you want you can call the JATC and ask for Janett. She should be able to help you.
12/8/11 - 11:25 AM
I was trying to figure out the starting time frame after completing the whole acceptance process; will it be around July 2012 for the people that passsed the aptitude test after August of 2011?
12/8/11 - 12:07 PM
Ralph Neidert
Apprentices are typically indentured in late July and early August, although sometimes they may be indentured earlier if the economy calls for it.
12/9/11 - 10:39 AM
Okay thank you.

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