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A question about college credits.

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5/31/11 - 7:37 PM
Sean Mooneyham
I graduated from the program last year and I am interested in the college credits that are available from the NJATC. I found the following information on this website;

"An apprentice who completes the apprenticeship program with the Local 26 JATC is also eligible for 60 college credits through the American Council on Education. These credits have been set up through the NJATC. The Local 26 JATC also has an articulation agreement with Montgomery College, Prince George’s County Community College, College of Southern Maryland, and Northern Virginia Community College. This would afford an individual the opportunity to work towards achieving a Bachelors degree."

Who could I talk to to find out more information about this, such as what direction to take these credits in and the process to get it done. Thanks in advance.
6/1/11 - 6:49 AM
Ralph Neidert
Hi Sean,
Give Kevin Burton a call at 301-429-6940.
6/1/11 - 8:04 PM
Sean Mooneyham
Thanks Ralph!

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