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4/6/11 - 1:50 PM
Hello, I'm Currently waiting for a decision on whether I'm accepted into the Inside Wireman Apprenticeship Program. My question is can I work for the Residential Program on the weekends? I presently have a full time job and it will be difficult to work for the Residential Program on the weekdays.
4/7/11 - 6:50 AM
Ralph Neidert
We do not offer weekend only employment.
8/23/11 - 4:29 AM
Do you work on the weekends as well while in the training assignment or is it a sometime kinda thing? Need to know so I can make some plans.
8/23/11 - 6:46 AM
Ralph Neidert
The standard hours are M-F from 6:30 - 3:00, plus or minus a 1/2 hour on either end. Weekends are sometimes required on some jobs, but not normally worked.
8/23/11 - 8:47 AM
Are those hours for all programs or just the Inside Wireman?
8/31/11 - 12:41 PM
Ralph Neidert
all programs

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