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3/29/11 - 12:08 AM
If you take the interview and didn't get accepted, does the J.A.T.C let you know of such a status?
4/5/11 - 2:18 PM
Ralph Neidert
The JATC usually makes their final decision on the number of applicants that are accepted in the month of July. If you are not accepted you will be notified by mail provided your address on file is correct.
4/5/11 - 9:49 PM
A part of the qualification for apprenticeship is Algebra 1. If i have Algebra 2 instead does that disqualify me?
4/7/11 - 7:34 AM
Ralph Neidert
Algebra 2 will be accepted.
4/7/11 - 11:21 AM
Cool, thank you Mr Ralph.
4/14/11 - 1:07 PM
Do you receive an interview date in the same letter that your aptitude test result come in or do they send another letter after that one?
4/14/11 - 7:24 PM
Ralph Neidert
They will send a 2nd letter when they schedule your interview.
4/17/11 - 1:44 PM
So I received my letter with the interview date an everything and i was wondering what the interview is gonna be like. I heard its different from any regular interview. Some tips on what to expect or how to prepare for it would be helpful. Thank You.
4/18/11 - 8:33 AM
Ralph Neidert
You should have received a pamphlet with your letter. "The Apprenticeship Interview" pamphlet describes the interview process in detail. If you did not receive the pamphlet with your letter call Lori at 301-429-2575.
4/19/11 - 10:06 PM
Yeah I found mine. My brother was the one who opened the letter so it was misplaced. Another thing,i have a electrical installation level 1 certificate from Jamaica that came with me back when i just finish training school 3 years ago, a electrical level 1 certificate from Prince Georges college and a residential wiring 1 part 1 certificate from the college as well. Do you think by bringing those with me to the interview that it would be of any help? Sorry for the long post. :(

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