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3/22/11 - 7:36 PM
hi, i took my aptitude test on the 1st nov 2010, and i failed, my question is: should i wait till 1st may to apply, or i can apply befor that date in order to retake the test exactly on 1st may.
thank you
3/23/11 - 9:27 AM
Ralph Neidert
You can schedule the 2nd test sooner, you just can't take it prior to 6 months.
3/25/11 - 2:10 PM
Once I take the test & pass, when can I start class?
3/25/11 - 2:15 PM
Ralph Neidert
Taking the test and passing are just two of the required steps to being accepted into the apprenticeship program. After you pass the test and have submitted all of the required documents you will be scheduled for an interview. If you are selected, the next step will be orientation to the apprenticeship. Classes will begin in early September.

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