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3/14/11 - 5:10 PM
craig c
what happens if you have an emergency and miss your test date? will you have to wait another 6 months?
3/14/11 - 7:30 PM
Ralph Neidert
no, you don't have to wait 6 months. You may be required to pay the test fee again. Call 301-429-2575 and ask for Lori.
6/2/11 - 7:17 PM
i went to the window in lanhan and was tolg that the aptitude test now cost 50 dollars payable only bt money order wish I promptly paid. i have now learned that its only 20 dollars. How do I get a refund for the 30 dollars I overpaid.
6/3/11 - 8:40 AM
Ralph Neidert
I don't know who or why you were charged $50! The test fee is $25. Bring in your receipt and we will issue you a refund.
6/14/11 - 10:23 AM
where can i get a test sample?
6/14/11 - 10:34 AM
Sean Myers
There is no sample test. The are a few sample questions in the booklet that is handed out when you register for the exam. The testcovers math up to algebra 1 and reading comprehension. There are multiple study aides available in most bookstores

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