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6/18/12 - 3:00 PM
i got acceptance letter for aprenticeship last week,am i still need to contact Mr.Roe for class assignment or attend orientation
6/18/12 - 3:06 PM
Ralph Neidert
Congratulations. Just attend orientation.
7/2/12 - 5:37 PM
When do we sign up for Fall Classes for the evenings for a Journeyman Wireman in Local 26?
7/3/12 - 6:31 AM
Ralph Neidert
Class sign up will be late August.
7/3/12 - 7:14 AM
Ralph Neidert
Update....... Class sign up forms will be mailed out in early August.
8/4/12 - 2:53 AM
Are classes still being offered through Prince Georges County? I was not accepted to the apprenticeship this year and I want to increase my chances of acceptance for next year.
9/11/12 - 3:05 PM
Ralph Neidert
I apologize, I somehow missed your post. Contact Sean Myers at the JATC with your question about the Prince Georges county classes.

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