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12/11/09 - 12:02 PM
i applied last year to the a program and passed the written test. i did the interview and then got a letter stating that the a program was not accepting that many people due to the recession so i was not accepted. how can i make sure or better my chances of being accepted next year? i really want to be in the A program and i am on a small job that does not have alot of contact with anyone who is overly involved in the union or the schooling. any advice i can get would be very very helpful!!!
12/11/09 - 12:14 PM
Ralph Neidert
You need to wait one year from the date of your last interview and then request a second interview in writing. Your aptitude test score is good for two years. If you have any questions you can call the JATC office at 301-429-2575.
1/16/10 - 9:53 PM
Harlan Gerrick
My son has applied to the A program,he started with the application in June. He has taken and passed the apptitude test in July. He was interviewed in early Oct. But now it's three months and we haven't heard a thing. Is this good or bad, should we be on the phone calling, some kind of word would be nice. Any ideas?? Thanks.
1/20/10 - 7:27 AM
Sean Myers
Harlan, The first year students begin in September. Acceptance letters are typically sent out in the summer, so the lack of any word on your sons status is not a bad thing. I hope this helps.
1/20/10 - 8:37 PM
Harlan Gerrick
I had not come across this part of the website before. By reading your post and a few others we now have a better idea of the timeline on the process. We will sit tight.Thank you!

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