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12/29/10 - 3:50 PM
Stacy Barton
I went up to the local and got a number for the training program and I have been calling everyday after 4. My question is, what do I do if my number is called? What does it mean I'm in the top 10 position to receive a training assignment, does it mean i'm competing for the position with 10 other people?

Also, I know that there are different zones as in MD, DC, and VA. So if I get scheduled to work, am I able to pick a zone or is there a chance that the job I receive could have me working in say, Roanoke VA (278 miles from my house)?
12/29/10 - 8:20 PM
If your number is in the top ten, you need to check the training assignments page of our website every day after four o'clock. If there are lobs lighted for the following day in your classification, you must be at the hall at seven thirty in the morning to take the assignment if your number comes up. You are not in competition withmthe other nine top numbers, you need to be ther in case the three guys in front of you don't show. Make sure you don't miss your assignment as that rolls your number off of the list. As for zones. While it is theoretically possible to be given a training assignment anywhere in local 26's jurisdiction, it would be unheard of for a MD resident to be sent to the Roanoke area. Every effort is made to keep you within a reasonable distance from your home. That being said, the job title is "journeyman" for a reason. We go where the work is.
I hope that helps.
4/28/11 - 4:32 PM
What if anything do I need to bring with me for my first training assigment? Other than my license and SS card.
5/6/11 - 3:18 PM
Ralph Neidert
That's it!
6/17/11 - 2:13 AM
I recently got a training number for the Residential Training Program. How long can it take for my number to be in the top 10? My number is over 150.
6/20/11 - 6:32 AM
Ralph Neidert
I can't predict how many job calls there will be in the future. Your number is based on the date that you first signed the list.
8/17/11 - 9:50 AM
Is the training assignment 40 hrs full time? Also if I start out without about that amount and it starts to decrease would it take long to transfer to another assignment? Can I also gain some experience starting from about the next couple weeks or months (time my number may come up) and work until my second interview in April? Sorry for the long post.
8/17/11 - 9:58 AM
Ralph Neidert
Training assignments are full time. The huge majority of trainees are working 40 or more hours per week. As a trainee there is no "guarentee" of 40 hours.
8/21/11 - 10:00 AM
How long does it take after your number comes up to be put work in the training assignment program?
8/22/11 - 6:34 AM
Ralph Neidert
Once your number is up you go to work immediately.

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