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When a person participates in the residential program is he or she guaranteed 40 hours a week or does it vary?

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10/4/10 - 3:45 PM
10/5/10 - 6:28 AM
Ralph Neidert
There is no "guarantee" of 40 hours. We are construction electricians, so many variables can come in to play, such as weather, job availability, etc. Generally speaking, once you are assigned to an employer you work 40 hours per week.
10/5/10 - 11:30 AM
So what if you are assigned to an employer and they don't offer you 40 hrs a week on a consistent basis what actions should be taken if any? I'm just asking because people have financial responsibilities prior to entering the program and I would like to know if entering the program would put me at risk not to fulfill them.
10/5/10 - 12:08 PM
Ralph Neidert
Once again, there is no guarantee of 40 hours per week. The only reason an employer would not offer you 40 hours per week would be that work is slow. If this is something that you personally can't handle, then maybe you should consider another field. Construction work can be difficult to predict. "In general" the huge majority of people that are working get 40 hours per week.

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