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9/23/10 - 12:12 AM
hi, if i got selected, can i work and getting paid with the same rate as "A wireman" while i'm waiting for the school to sart next september?
Thank you.
9/23/10 - 6:55 AM
Ralph Neidert
Yes, if the JATC makes early selections. Typically selections are made in July.
10/1/10 - 6:58 PM
i applied 20 days a go, and i haven't got any answer yet, how long it usually takes?
10/4/10 - 6:37 AM
Ralph Neidert
Did you take the aptitude test? The entire process will take months.
10/4/10 - 11:01 AM
no, i'm waiting for the aptitude test schedule.I applied 3 weeks a go. Does it take that long?
thank you.
10/4/10 - 12:22 PM
Ralph Neidert
If you have paid your $20 money order, you should be notified very soon. You can call 301-429-2575 and ask for Janett to find out if they have you scheduled.
10/20/10 - 1:32 PM
I applied online about a month ago and have to go in person to sign the documents and pay the $20. Where do I go to do that? I emailed the three training centers in Maryland and got only one response from the Cumberland center that says they don't accept online applications. What did I fill out then?
10/21/10 - 6:43 AM
Ralph Neidert
Our main office is located at 4371 Parliament Pl, Lanham, MD 20706. We are open from 7:30 - 4:00.
11/28/10 - 6:25 PM
luis h
do you guys provide a study guide
11/29/10 - 6:52 AM
Sean Myers
Luis, If you mean a study guide for the aptitude test, the answer is no. The aptitude test consists of math up to and including algebra 1 level material and reading conprehension. There are many books available to help you brush up on these topics. I hope this helps

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