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8/16/10 - 10:38 AM
Did the Telecommunications apprenticeship start already?
8/16/10 - 10:41 AM
Sean Myers
No, The actual apprenticeship classes start in September. There has however been an orientation class for some of the applicants who've been accepted.
8/16/10 - 3:30 PM
David Earle
I would like to know when is the deadlind to sign-up for the apprenticeship program for elictricians.
8/17/10 - 6:37 AM
Ralph Neidert
The deadline has passed for this year. You have until May of 2011 to sign up for next year's class.
8/17/10 - 9:31 AM
I never received a decision letter. When I called to ask my staus, I was told by the lady she couldn't tell me. I did however, received some sort of certified letter that I haven't picked up from Post Office yet. Could that be it? I just wanna know one way or the other.
8/17/10 - 10:56 AM
Ralph Neidert
That could be it! You should check.
8/17/10 - 11:24 AM
I'm going to check today. Thanks! Are there anymore orientations avaialble? When does the actual apprenticeship start?
8/17/10 - 12:16 PM
Ralph Neidert
If you have been accepted you will need to contact us ASAP for orientation, if not, good luck next year.
8/31/10 - 1:41 PM
So if you are applying today (8/31/10) for the apprenticeship training program what type of timeline should you expect. For example, when will you know if you are accepted and then when would you start?
8/31/10 - 2:24 PM
Ralph Neidert
It doesn't happen fast. If you apply today, you can expect to take the aptitude test within a month. It will take up to two weeks to get the results of the test. If you pass the test you will be granted an interview, which could take another month or two. Selection of apprentices is typically done in June or July of the school year that you are applying for, in your case 2011.
Work is available for "trainee positions" on an as needed basis, so hopefully you can begin working while the application process is taking place.

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