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How to increase chances of getting accepted?

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8/1/10 - 4:39 PM
I just received my rejection letter, but I was still interested in the apprentice program. I have no experience in the electrical field. I wanted to know were I could get my foot in the door? Where should I look for a helper position? Where could I take classes? Which institutions do you recognize? What can I do to better my chances of getting an acceptance letter next year?
8/5/10 - 5:00 PM
Ralph Neidert
You can come by the JATC office M - F and sign up for the Residential training program. We have Residential classes available once you begin working. If you have a year's experience it may be favorable next year at the interview table.
8/5/10 - 5:12 PM
Mr. A
man get as much experience as you can...take classes in the trade..volunteer with electricians...anything...

u gotta realize there are a ton of guys wanting the same position and guys wanting your position if you get it...do what you gotta do to get to the top....
8/5/10 - 5:25 PM
In addition to what Mr. Neidert said, I can be the first to tell you that your chances are not over as I was rejected in 2009 and received an acceptance letter this year. I believe the application stays on file for two years.

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