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best time to apply for next year

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7/21/10 - 6:27 PM
Steven S.
I've been searching the website to find information on when the best time to apply, get tested, and interviewed, if im interested in joining next year. I need to finish my associates degree before applying, which wont be till early 2011, but i don't want to miss the most appropriate time. Thanks
7/23/10 - 3:31 PM
Ralph Neidert
You can apply anytime. Once you apply you will need to be scheduled for an aptitude test. If you pass the test you will be scheduled for an interview. This whole process takes several months, so the sooner you start the better.
9/23/10 - 4:48 PM
Marlon A Moran
I am intrested in applying for the apprentices program.

Thank you
9/24/10 - 6:54 AM
Sean Myers
Great Marlon. You just have to complete the application (online or in person) and go through the rest of the steps. Contact us at 301 429 2575 with any questions you might have.

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