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6/22/10 - 9:11 AM
Any word on decisions of acceptance?
6/22/10 - 9:45 AM
Sean Myers
Not yet Tim. We're all just as anxious as you are. Good luck!
6/22/10 - 4:07 PM
stephen fields
yep tim i been waiting for the last 6 months to here back from them and the time is coming
6/23/10 - 5:56 PM
Chuck Henn
I received passing score on the aptitude test about a week and a half ago. Does anyone know how long it will be before I am scheduled for an interview? Thanks
6/25/10 - 7:21 AM
Ralph Neidert
You will be contacted today by phone.
6/30/10 - 6:13 PM
Boby BOB
I got in a week ago i go to orientation july 2.

if you get in they let you know about 2 weeks after your interview
7/1/10 - 6:46 AM
Is what boby said true? Have people been accepted? Will more people be accepted, or is it closed.
7/1/10 - 8:22 AM
Oh, thanks Boby BOB! I called the JATC yesterday and was told decisions have not been made yet and they will notify you even if you haven't been accepted.
7/1/10 - 10:15 AM
Wow is this true? If we have not heard anything as of yet; then we have not been accepted.
7/1/10 - 12:16 PM
Ralph Neidert
The final decisions have not been made as of this date. Please be patient, you will be notified when a decision is made by the JATC.

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