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Can an interested individual shadow before applying to the JACT?

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5/5/10 - 5:21 PM
Victor E. Pettus II
I believe I am highly interested in pursuing electrical training, and an apprenticeship would definitely be the way I would like to pursue the career. Can an opportunity to shadow be arranged beforehand?
5/6/10 - 6:58 AM
Sean Myers
"Shadowing" is not possible due to legal and insurance related rules. If you'd like to know more about what its like to be an apprentice, check out our apprentice blogs which can be accessed on this site's hoomepage.
3/14/11 - 3:12 PM
I have a question - can I post this topic?
3/14/11 - 4:21 PM
Ralph Neidert
we do not offer shadowing. You can come in and sign-up for the Residential Training program. Once you are placed to work as a trainee you can gain experience to see if you want to apply for the apprenticeship program.

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