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3/26/10 - 10:46 AM
Jermaine Long
Are they still giving test for the new August apprentices? If not, when will the final decision letters be mailed out regarding acceptance?
3/26/10 - 11:10 AM
Sean Myers
We are still accepting applications for the September 2010 class. Aptitude tests are given roughly once every two weeks. The dealine for completed applications (including aptitude test results) is May 28th. So to be safe get the process started ASAP.
4/8/10 - 5:33 PM
Priscilla Harris
Is there a study guide available for the aptitude test?
4/9/10 - 8:24 AM
Sean Myers
Ms. Harris,
There is no study guide for our specific aptitude test. Any math based review book that covers materials up to and including Algebra 1 will help with the math portion. The balance of the aptitude test is plain reading comprehension and I'm sure there are books available at your local book store that can help with that.
Hope that helps
4/19/10 - 7:01 AM
Do you have to have your interview by May 28th as well?
4/19/10 - 7:21 AM
Ralph Neidert
No. To be scheduled for an interview you must have completed your application by the 28th.
4/19/10 - 6:01 PM
Jeff Woodson
Are there any more available sample tests, that we can take to prepare us for the actual aptitude test.
4/19/10 - 6:12 PM
Sean Myers
There are no sample tests available. However, any math test prep book that covers materials up to and including algebra would help immensely. The second part of the test is pure reading comprehension. It might be harder to find a study aid for this broad topic but I'm sure they're out there. I hope that helps.

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