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4/7/10 - 4:47 PM
being i have about 5 years of experience already do i still have to join the apprenticeship program?if not what do i need to do?
4/8/10 - 6:43 AM
Ralph Neidert
You can do one of two things: if you are a licensed electrician you can call 301-459-2900 and ask to speak with an organizer, or you can call the JATC at 301-429-2575 and speak with Rita or Lori about getting into the Residential or Inside Apprenticeship. Please provide the proper documentation to validate your experience.
4/29/10 - 11:46 AM
Mathew Smith
Can you mail your $20 fee along with copies of your 2 forms of ID or do you have to sumiit it in person
4/29/10 - 12:00 PM
Ralph Neidert
You need to submit the copies of your IDs in person. There are a few more forms that you will have to fill out at that time as well.
5/5/10 - 9:36 PM
Justin Weimer
I've sent my transcript and my $20 fee as well as shown my two forms of ID. However I haven't received notification of when I can take the test. What should I do???
5/6/10 - 6:55 AM
Sean Myers
you should call Laurie Casely in the apprenticeship office and inquire about the status of your application. 301 429 2575
6/9/10 - 1:50 PM
If I took and passed Algebra I in High School, is it still necessary to have my college transcripts sent to JATC?
6/9/10 - 2:32 PM
Ralph Neidert
Yes it is. We want to see your complete educational history.
12/19/12 - 8:54 AM
kamar wells
i would like to take the r to a upgrade program in 2013 if i can please let if how and when thanks
2/6/13 - 3:21 PM
Ralph Neidert
contact Melvin Cherry at Local 26.

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