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3/1/10 - 9:30 PM
Jinnah McCoy
Hello, this is my first time taking the test and I just wanted to know what would be on it. I was told reading, math, and writing, is this true? I would like to study before I take it, but I need to know what exactly I need to be studying on.
3/2/10 - 6:53 AM
Ralph Neidert
The aptitude test is two parts: reading and algebra.
3/2/10 - 10:07 AM
hello my name is jarvis im talking the test on march 15 what do i need to studied to prepare my self can u please be specific because i need to pass (type of math). I know its algebra on the test but algebra has a large varity of study material. Can u give some example
3/2/10 - 10:11 AM
Sean Myers
The Test covers math and reading comprehension. The math portion includes materials up to and including "Algebra 1". A good idea would be to look in your local bookstore for any study guides that cover high school algebra.
7/27/10 - 4:06 PM
gabriel medina
i would like to take the vdv test?
7/28/10 - 6:38 AM
Ralph Neidert
It is the same aptitude test for both the Inside Wireman and Telecommunications apprenticeship. To take the test you need to come by one of our offices and sign up. Bring a $20 money order.

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