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2/25/10 - 10:30 AM
Jenanine A.
Does the JATC have a high demand for apprentinces in the telecommuncations program or more in the electrician field? I was thinking since the electricians make more money, mor people apply for that apprenticeship. Am I correct?
2/25/10 - 10:56 AM
Sean Myers
You are correct that more people apply for the inside wireman course. The demand for telecom apprentices is proportional to that of the inside wireman apprentice, keeping in mind that the Inside Wireman program longer and also population wise much larger than the telecom progra.
3/1/10 - 1:06 PM
Mike H.
I am a former member of Local 26, and have written a letter to ask to be reinstated. What is the likelyhood that i will be reinstated, and how soon?
3/1/10 - 1:38 PM
Sean Myers
Sir or madam, This website is for the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee. We cannot speak for Local 26. Sorry for the confusion. Good luck with your reinstatement request.
3/16/10 - 3:27 PM
I am considering the telecom apprenticeship, this inline with my college degree as a I.T professional. What can I expect on the job? Will I be placed with someone who wants a helper or will I be placed with someone who will enhance my training?
3/17/10 - 7:18 AM
A telecommunications apprentice can expect to experience a wide range of tasks. There's a lot of cable pulling (as it just goes with the territory) as well as punch down, fiber optics, and termination techniques. Really the realm of the telecom tech entails anything from zero to 50 volts. A new apprentice can be sure tht he or he will be a "helper" in some cases, but thats the idea. As you assist with the day to day tasks you learn how to perform them.

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