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President Obama visits the JATC

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2/16/10 - 1:52 PM
Ralph Neidert
President Obama toured the JATC today, then made an announcement about backing loans for new nuclear powerhouses in the U.S.
2/17/10 - 10:00 AM
Future Apprentice (Hopefully)
How will this affect the JATC? Would there be a need for more apprentices? Would any of the purposed nuclear powerhouses be located in this area?
2/17/10 - 10:07 AM
The President was specifically addressing the construction of two new power plants to be located in Georgia. However, there is a need in our region for more power plants as well. The same group that will be in charge of the construction in Georgia has already worked with Local 26 at the Calvert Cliffs nuclear facility, so who's to say that they will not be chosen to do new construction in the MD DC VA area.
2/17/10 - 10:09 AM
Ralph Neidert
This will definitely have an impact on the JATC. Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Powerhouse is scheduled to add a new unit in the very near future. It is hard to predict how many new jobs will be created from this legislation, but I feel confident that more jobs will be created because of it.

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