Residential Training Assignment Listings

Residential on-the-job training assignments will begin at 8:30 am each business day. 

Click on the link, [email protected], and email us a copy of your Termination slip. Also provide us your Full name, Last 4 digits of Social Security Number, Phone number, Classification, and Available to work number. We will send you an available to work number by email. If there are job calls in your classification, you must email us before 8:30 am on the day of the job call listing and provide the same information as listed above.

Current Jobs Calls For:

August 04, 2021

  Number of Calls Available to Work Number Comments
R7 & R8 12 2021-067 and Lower  
R5 & R6 13 2021-102 and Lower  
R3 & R4 7 2021-056 and Lower R4 and up
R1 & R2 0 2021-064 and Lower  
RTP 0 2021-096 and Lower